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Helpful Tips

In the last few weeks, I’ve met with different people who have inspired me and have given me a ton of helpful tips as I’m in the infant stages of my business.

  1. Start an inspiration book of ideas from magazines, blogs and things that I see anywhere that I want to try.
  2. Get a planner and write down my weekly goals.  I started this last week and it’s helping me stay focused on the things that I want to accomplish each day.
  3. Set up any kind of shoot to practice each month.
  4. Get my business license and set things up now while things are slow.
  5. Step away from the computer, take time out to relax and do something fun!

All really great tips that I’ve already started to implement.  I feel like now I’m actually taking action instead of just wanting this to happen.


Sedona, AZ

I snuck away for a short weekend get-away to Arizona with my good friend Tina.  I was feeling a bit stressed out with everything in life and needed to relax and clear my head.  We left Friday night and drove for 5.5 hours to Avondale where Tina’s cousin lives.  The next day we drove 1.5 hours to Sedona to do some hiking.  The weather was PERFECT….cool, crisp and clear.

Bell Rock

Bell Rock



We did some light hiking and a few of us hiked up to the top.  I’m usually up for adventurous hiking, but the height scared me.  I knew I could make it up, but coming back down was going to be a problem.  The rocks became very steep and almost vertical.  Plus, I didn’t want to lug my camera up with me….what a cop out, right?  Oh well.





Tina’s cousins, Yumi & Jerry, Tina and Tina’s boyfriend, Veng.  Veng was actually coming down with the flu, but he hung in there.  I think he ended up getting more sick that night.  Oops!


Me & Tina being silly.  Tina obviously isn’t as naturally dorky as I am.


And the last one of Tina & Veng.  Thanks for letting me tag along.  I had a lot of fun catching up and sleeping in!


I was going through my camera and found this picture of Mimi from the day she got her hair cut. I was snapping away and giggled when I saw this one.

"The Baby"

"The Baby"

Learning More

One of my all-time favorite photographers is Sarah K Chen.  Not only do I think she’s an amazing photographer and that her work is beautiful, but she has become a friend as well and I’m so appreciative of her kindness and willingness to help me and Crystal.  We met Sarah and her family for dinner tonight where we discussed life, family and photography.  Crystal and I are just starting out and we had a million questions about everything from technical matters to personal matters.  She and her husband were so great about filling us in on what we need to know to get started.  I am so thankful for that and have taken away some very useful knowledge to get my business moving.

I have a slow and steady plan for several reasons and thought that I didn’t need to rush to do anything offiicial.  I realize now that this is the best time for me to get the official things underway as I’m learning and growing so I can be better prepared to reach my goals.  I feel more confident knowing what I can expect ahead.

Sarah is so awesome!


12:15 a.m. to be exact.  I’ve been super amped about photography for the past couple of weeks and have been up way past midnight every night when I should be going to bed no later than 11:30.  What am I doing while I’m up?  Everything photography (obsessive much?)….researching, blog stalking, learning, thinking and tonight, doing.  I had 2 shoots last weekend and am processing the food design shoot tonight.  I’m almost done!  I can probably finish the rest in the next hour, but I am already way past my bedtime.  I hope to get to the boudoir shoot this weekend.  I’m afraid my late nights are going to catch up to me very, very soon.  If only I didn’t have to work full-time, but someone has to bring home the bacon.  *sigh*

More pictures to come very soon.  Good night.

Boudoir: Jacquie

She’s fun, she’s sweet, she’s bubbly, she’s adorable and she’s hot.  I was lucky enough to photograph Jacquie’s boudoir session with Crystal yesterday and have just one teaser to share.  I might even have to take this down because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  Jacquie’s fiance is going to love his gift!


Tailormade Bakery

Crystal and I did a food design shoot today (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) for Tailormade Bakery.  Sean, the creator behind these delicious cookies, is baking up a new business that is coming soon.  Here’s a little sneak peak.

Banana Nut Cookie

Banana Nut Cookie

Pineapple Coconut Rum Cookie

Pineapple Coconut Rum Cookie

Cranberry Yogurt Cookie

Cranberry Yogurt Cookie