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Babies: Olivia & Lucy (5 weeks old)

When we first met at my last job we were both young, unmarried and had so much in common.  I remember my first week of work clearly and am amazed at how much has changed in 5 years.  I was beeming with excitement heading into work because it was my first “real” job.  It was real because I had to dress business casual and was given an office!  As I was settling in and organizing things to my liking Sarah came in to say hi and asked me how things were going.  We chatted that day and chatted everyday since.  Even though we no longer work together, we still chat frequently and remain close.  Sarah quickly became more than just a co-worker.  She’s now one of my closest friends.

In 5 years, we’ve seen each other through engagements, weddings, marriages and now babies!  Sarah & Kevin’s twin girls, Olivia & Lucy are absolutely the cutest babies!  I got to hold both girls today and I could have sat on her mom’s couch holding them for hours.


Lucy, on the left, and Olivia on the right in Daddy’s arms.


Olivia is a happy girl after she ate.


And so is her sister, Lucy.





I couldn’t resist these cute little booty pajamas!  I want a pair as an adult!

I couldn’t get a good picture of Sarah with the girls since she was busy feeding, changing and calming them.  When they were asleep someone else was holding them.  I was one of the hogs.  🙂

Sarah & Kevin, your girls are to.die.for.  I can’t wait to see you guys again!