Practice Practice Practice

This is the one piece of advice that many photographers have for newbies like myself.  I’ve done a lot of research and reading and have learned a lot this way, but I know ultimately what will make me better is for me to form a stronger bond with my camera.  At this moment, I can comfortably say that my camera and I have become more than just acquaintances.  In the last few months, we’ve spent a lot more time together and have developed a friendly relationship, but to say we have a strong friendship is perhaps still a little presumptuous.  I mean, we like each other well enough, but for me to start developing my photography voice and style, we need to connect and have the kind of bond that childhood friends have.  We need to know each other inside and out and everything in between.  We need to be able to complete each other’s sentences.

So, I’ve invested in my very first hands-on photography workshop with the talented Augie Chang from the Bay area this summer.  I am so excited to learn new things and review old things in order to improve on my skills.  When I’m through with this workshop, me and my girl Canon 5D are going to be attached at the hip….or is it the neck, or the eye….you get the point.  We’re going to be BFF’s and we’re going to practice, practice, practice.


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