Hello world!

My name is Catherine Tang and I am finally taking the leap into photography.  I’ve always enjoyed a beautiful picture, but it wasn’t until I was planning my wedding last year did I realize the power of a photograph.  I have since been obsessed with photography and every day it’s all I can think about.  I was afraid to do anything with my fantasies in real life though for fear of failure.

I’ve been on a journey of self discovery for the past 8 years.  What do I want to do with my life?  Fortunate or unfortunate, I am a passionate person.  I recently got a new job in the fashion industry and thought that this would fulfill me because of my long time interest in the fashion and retail industry.  I thought I would be re-energized and wake up every morning thanking my lucky stars for landing the job of my dreams.  It has been 2 months, and to my surprise, the energy is slowly, but surely dissipating.  Isn’t this what my passion is?  My passion has the power to take me far, but also can hold me back from reaching my highest potential if I’m not in the right place.

How does all of this relate to photography?  I love weddings and I love all of the emotions that surrounds a wedding.  I can assure you I’m not a crazy bride who just won’t move on.  I want to be a wedding photographer. I want this to be my career.  I want to capture the happiest moments and freeze them in time.  I am admitting it…I WANT TO BE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.

It’s not easy to admit that to myself and definitely not easy to publicly admit it to you.  Because now I’m held accountable.  I’m accountable for making it happen.  I’m accountable for chasing my dreams.  I’m accountable whether I succeed or fail.  I hope this will be the beginning of good times for me and for you.  I’m on my way and whatever the outcome, I’m happy that I will never look back and regret not taking the leap.

Welcome to my world!


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