Done Baking!

It’s done!!!  Fresh out of the oven!

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Practice Practice Practice

This is the one piece of advice that many photographers have for newbies like myself.  I’ve done a lot of research and reading and have learned a lot this way, but I know ultimately what will make me better is for me to form a stronger bond with my camera.  At this moment, I can comfortably say that my camera and I have become more than just acquaintances.  In the last few months, we’ve spent a lot more time together and have developed a friendly relationship, but to say we have a strong friendship is perhaps still a little presumptuous.  I mean, we like each other well enough, but for me to start developing my photography voice and style, we need to connect and have the kind of bond that childhood friends have.  We need to know each other inside and out and everything in between.  We need to be able to complete each other’s sentences.

So, I’ve invested in my very first hands-on photography workshop with the talented Augie Chang from the Bay area this summer.  I am so excited to learn new things and review old things in order to improve on my skills.  When I’m through with this workshop, me and my girl Canon 5D are going to be attached at the hip….or is it the neck, or the eye….you get the point.  We’re going to be BFF’s and we’re going to practice, practice, practice.


I’m slowly building my collection of gear!  Key word is slowly.  In March, I bought my Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens (precisely 1 week afer I set it as my March goal) and 2 weeks ago I finally bought a Shootsac.   Tonight, I bought a strap for my camera for a little pop of color and personality to all of my black gear!  Not just any camera strap, but a pretty camera strap with padding.  Ta-da!


I bought it at Shealynn’s shop on Etsy which I found through Drew B’s blog.  It was only $20.50 including shipping.  This design is actually only $18.50, but I added the padding for an extra $2.  Get one!

Wedding: Jacquie & Jason

The Estate was quiet for a few moments as excitement was brewing in the air.  One by one, each bridesmaid showed up with her dress hanging over her arms still covered in its bag.  Hair & make-up was all done and the girls gathered into the guest bedroom to get dressed, waiting for the arrival of the bride.  The quiet breaks within seconds as laughter floods the walls of The Estate.

“Eeeeeeeeeee!  I’m getting married today!”  Jacquie comes floating through the doors with a huge smile on her porcelain face because TODAY is the day she’s been dreaming of her whole life.  To make it even sweeter, a bouquet of roses arrives for Jacquie from her admirer.  Upon reading Jason’s love note the squealing ensues.  “Awwwwwwwww!”  She grips the 2×3 card close to her chest against her heart overwhelmed with happiness and joy that today she will celebrate her love for Jason.

These two love birds are so in sync with each other.  No one could deny their devotion to one another and the deep love that they share.  As they lit the unity candle during the ceremony they stood in front of everyone and stared into each others’ eyes as if nobody was in the room.  They giggled, they smiled, they kisssed and they cherished that very moment when they became husband and wife.

Jacquie and Jason, I feel so priveleged to have witnessed your love and capturing it for you.  You reminded me of what the true meaning of getting married and being married is.  It was never about the wedding to you two, but about creating a new life together.  I hope you have a wonderful time on your honeymoon.  Congratulations!

{I shot this wedding with Crystal}







Babies: Olivia & Lucy (5 weeks old)

When we first met at my last job we were both young, unmarried and had so much in common.  I remember my first week of work clearly and am amazed at how much has changed in 5 years.  I was beeming with excitement heading into work because it was my first “real” job.  It was real because I had to dress business casual and was given an office!  As I was settling in and organizing things to my liking Sarah came in to say hi and asked me how things were going.  We chatted that day and chatted everyday since.  Even though we no longer work together, we still chat frequently and remain close.  Sarah quickly became more than just a co-worker.  She’s now one of my closest friends.

In 5 years, we’ve seen each other through engagements, weddings, marriages and now babies!  Sarah & Kevin’s twin girls, Olivia & Lucy are absolutely the cutest babies!  I got to hold both girls today and I could have sat on her mom’s couch holding them for hours.


Lucy, on the left, and Olivia on the right in Daddy’s arms.


Olivia is a happy girl after she ate.


And so is her sister, Lucy.





I couldn’t resist these cute little booty pajamas!  I want a pair as an adult!

I couldn’t get a good picture of Sarah with the girls since she was busy feeding, changing and calming them.  When they were asleep someone else was holding them.  I was one of the hogs.  🙂

Sarah & Kevin, your girls are to.die.for.  I can’t wait to see you guys again!


Tailormade Bakery Part 2

I finally finished going through the cookie shoot.  I can use a cookie right now!

Blueberry Brandy

Blueberry Brandy

Caramel Pecan

Caramel Pecan

Chocolate Gran Marnier

Chocolate Gran Marnier